The Lancaster University Law Society’s Negotiations Competition is an exciting opportunity for students to gain transferrable skills applicable to all career sectors, conducted in a professional and supportive environment.

The Competition itself requires little to no prior preparation which means it fits in perfectly around most students existing study, extra-curricular and work commitments. It also requires little to no legal knowledge, allowing people of all academic backgrounds an equal opportunity to compete.

The Competition will focus on developing communication skills and encouraging participants to work within a team to settle disputes through simulated face-to-face business negotiations. The importance of this cannot be understated. As well as the skills this competition seeks to enhance, it also gives participants the chance to meet new people and talk to people from different degree subjects and within different year groups.

We have secured interest from several commercial law firms ,willing to judge the Competition and hopefully host the final, who have recognised the incredible potential of this competition in making students more commercially aware, as well as improving other key skills such as communication and teamwork.

This is an exciting opportunity for all years and one that will most certainly be a desirable addition to any CV.

The aim is simple: to increase participants’ skills and awareness in relation to how negotiations are conducted, what makes a good negotiator, and to explore the mechanics of negotiations theory.

Competition Structure:

The Competitions sign-up form will open in week four and close in week seven. An introductory talk about how it will run for all those who are interested will be carried out in week six and the first round of the Competition will begin in week eight. This will be a grace round and from there two more rounds will be carried out before the final.

For More Information:

For further details, please contact Tehzeeb Patel, Negotiations Officer ( or via the Law Society Facebook page


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