What is Mooting?

Mooting is the presentation of a legal issue that you have worked as a team to prepare, against another team of students in front of a judge. Skills that you will learn from taking part include excellent team building, communication and research skills, a more rounded approach to law, networking with like-minded students and legal professionals, time management, and of course public speaking. Mooting is not however only for those who have experience of public speaking, we have new first and third years taking part every year who have never had any experience of public speaking.

Students are encouraged to get involved not just because they may have aspirations of practicing at the Bar, but to acquire skills that will be beneficial to them in whatever career they choose. Any public speaking opportunity is great preparation for interviews in whatever pathway you seek to follow upon graduation.

Mooting has been extremely popular at Lancaster in recent years, with more people than ever before signing up. With strong ties with local Solicitors firms and Circuit Judges in both Preston and Manchester, a student at Lancaster has never been more able to take a valuable experience from getting involved in mooting. These ties are only strengthening and travelling further with our final this year having taken place in the Supreme Court London in front of barristers and solicitors from elite firms and chambers.


Main Competition

This competition is open to those who have been involved in Mooting before at Lancaster University Law Society, or those prepared for a challenge. Problems will cover a wide variety of areas including those that law students are unlikely to have come across in too much detail in their degree studies.

Beginners Competition

This competition is open to those who have not been involved in Mooting before at Lancaster University Law Society. Problems will cover an easier spread of topics which are likely to have cropped up during first year degree studies. The Beginners Competition we hope will offer an enjoyable, educational and challenging experience to all who take part, setting them up in good standing for any future mooting they choose to take part. All teams will be supported by an allocated mentor who will be experienced at Mooting and will be able to offer support and guidance to each team.

External Competitions

Over the course of the year, there are certain external competitions which will take place under the remit of the External Officer, and participation in the Main or Beginners’ competitions will stand candidates in good stead. Certain other external mooting competitions may arise on an ad hoc basis, and where possible Lancaster will prepare and send teams through the cooperation of the Mooting and External Officers.

If you would like further information then please contact us through one of our channels.




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