The Law society provides a range of Academic support throughout the year for students, as well as opportunities to engage with relevant legal studies and interests outside of the lecture theatre. We work closely with lecturers to ensure that the material and workshops we provide, coincide with your studies.

You can find out about academic events, information and opportunities through the Law Society Facebook page, from which you can receive notifications, the weekly newsletter, as well as through the calendar which will be featured on our website.

Academic Socials

Academic socials are organised for all members of the law society and provide an informal space for students to gain tips and advice from second and third year students on course content, how to make case notes and how to tackle coursework. Later on in the year we will also be offering a revision social to give you tips on how to best prepare for your upcoming exams. The information provided is relevant to your studies as we work closely with your professors so our socials are not one to miss.

The Human Right Film Series

The HRFS is for everyone at university, not just for law students, who have an interest in human rights issues across the world and what’s being done to help solve them. There will be regular viewings of films and documentaries as well as an opportunity to engage and debate the issues raised in the screening.

The Peer Mentoring Scheme

Law at university can be a challenge and a big step-up from your A-levels so the Law society has teamed up with the transitions team to create the peer mentoring scheme. The mentoring scheme is designed to support first year law students a with settling in at university and engaging with their studies. The mentors are experienced law students who will help you build up your personal, professional and learning skills. They will be there to guide you and offer you an insight on how to manage the year.

If you would like further information about any of the event being organised by the Academic officer, then please contact us through one of our channels.